Andy Meanock

Professional Caricature & Cartoon Artist

The Story

About Andy

My love of all things 'drawing' started on a family holiday in Weymouth, Dorset.  We rented our holiday flat from a man who was an artist. He had done a pencil drawing of a tiger, the picture was so photo-realistic it blew my four-year-old mind.

As soon as I was home I attempted to recreate it, using my basic skills and felt tips.  Showing it to my parents as all kids do, I was surprised at the praise I received and took it to school to show my teacher, who showed it to the class, earning me the title of 'best drawer'.  This praise was intoxicating and addictive and drawing was a saving grace, which gave me achievement and purpose from that moment on.

At age eight I discovered Peanuts, Garfield and Calvin and Hobbs, amongst others, in the Sunday papers my dad read.  I came up with various characters of my own and drew cartoon strips.  I knew from then on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  At eleven I discovered comic shops with a wealth of artists and drawing styles, all of which I would try to emulate, honing my skills over the years.

How it started

The story Continued...

Time passed and eventually, that age came where I was now considered an adult and out of full-time education.  I had to 'get a job'!  Still determined and staying true to the eight year old, who pledged to never stop drawing, I avoided doing any work that didn't involve drawing, especially cartoons.  It was my father in law that noticed a cartoon I did of a friend and suggested I go with them to an outdoor event where my parents in law had a stall.  I set up a stand with examples of famous faces caricaturised and two charges.  Only charging £1.99 per caricature and it went down a storm.  Realising that I could make money by drawing cartoons of people was a light bulb moment and lead to a two-year stint in a local shopping mall, a season in Padstow - Cornwall, Central Pier - Blackpool, numerous weddings and comic conventions and festivals and events.  We then opened our first shop and I started offering caricatures from photographs.

I have also had many, many commissions for different illustrative and cartoon style projects including a brief stint working for DC Thomson.  I am now working towards furthering my career into the world of published cartoons and books and I am currently working on a comic I intend to self publish.

"Drawing is an extension of the individual's own experience and emotion, passing thoughts, ideas and feelings onto the voyer.  Hoping to inspire, entertain or emete - or is it just making marks on paper for fun?" - Andy Meanock

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